Remote Control


No. of participants – 2 per team
Time allocated per team (5-8 min)
The participants are required to enact any program from the given TV channels. (list of channels)
When the judge says MTV the participants can sing and dance for a song
As only one person can hold the mike he/she should be carefully chosen by the team with mutual understanding and he/she cannot be changed during the event
So if u thinks only this is the game nope! U are wrong. The judge can also give commands like – Pause, Stop, Reply, fast-forward etc. The fun begins here
Certain number of commands will be fixed for each team and for each command points will be allocated.Score more points to qualify to the next round
As there is a time limit try not to delay your acts and let it be spontaneous

  • Event Heads:Sunil Prakash,Pavithra
  • Event Date: Coming Soon
  • Event Time: Coming Soon
  • Contact: 9677524124